New at FEATURE: James Oro Eyewear

New at FEATURE: James Oro Eyewear

Sarah Harwell

FEATURE’s eyewear ranges from a variety of designers that specialize in sunglasses, ensure high-quality materials as well as practices for manufacturing, and are thoughtfully designed with unique features. Adding to our lineup of designers, James Oro is our latest addition to our eyewear selection and is known for their ’90s and ‘00s-inspired silhouettes that are universal for any face shape and innovative details for long-lasting accessories.



Made in Los Angeles and with an innovative design, their sunglasses are specially made with acetate and premium materials such as Teflon-coated screws, a practice from fine jewelry making. Their various silhouettes are always vintage-inspired, with 1990’s and 2000’s shapes, tints, and frame colors for a unique look.


James Oro sunglasses arrive in neutrals such as brown, and in original designs such as the Serpent Authentic, which features luxury details and a rimless construction. Another eyeglasses variation is the Authentic II model, which has a high quality and heavy feel and is handmade with an 18K gold coating.



The ultimate accessory for every day, our selection of James Oro eyewear elevates your outfit with a vintage-inspired look and a premium, fine jewelry feel that makes the sunglasses a quality statement piece. Made with polarized lenses, the sunglasses are also functional for every day without sacrificing design.


Our latest new arrivals of James Oro glasses vary from classic shapes to playful updates on nostalgic silhouettes. Shop online here and in-store. 

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